Groundwater Recharge to Benefit Disadvantage Communities in Fresno County Feasibility Study

Shallow Subsurface Artificial Groundwater Recharge(SSAGR)

New report details potential water management solution

2022-2023 Activities Report

SJV Water Infrastructure Financing Survey Report

2021 – 2022 Activities Report

City of Fresno Department of Public Utilities Regional Consolidation Feasibility Study

SGMA Governance Strategies Summary Report
SGMA Report – Appendix A 

2020 – 2021 Activities Report

San Joaquin Valley Water System Investment Program

Socioeconomic and Demographic Trends of the California San Joaquin Valley

2018 – 2020 Activities Report

Getting Water Infrastructure Governance Right

Economic Impact of Water Reduction to the Valley Analysis

Funding a Future for Water in the San Joaquin Valley

Water Plan 2016 Report – IRWMP for the SJV

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