Faculty Fellows

CWI is fulfilling it’s mission statement to connect the Fresno State campus to the water research needs of the San Joaquin Valley through our Faculty Fellows program. Our Faculty Fellows are full time faculty at Fresno State who come from the various Colleges of the University because water is a multidisciplinary topic. They actively engage graduate and undergraduate students in research that seeks to solve water resource management problems of the Valley while they educate our students in these areas.

Samuel Contreras Ruiz

College of Arts and Humanities

Pei Xu

Jordan College of Agriculture

Earvin Balderama

College of Science and Mathematics

Christina Macias

Kremen School of Education

Aimee Jacobs

Craig School of Business

Jorge Pesantez Sarmiento

Lyles College of Engineering

Xiangxiong Kong

Lyles College of Engineering

Michelle Calvarese

College of Social Sciences