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The International Center for Water Technology (ICWT)
was established in 2001 to educate, promote, and assist in developing and adopting innovative technologies that improve water utilization, reduce energy demand, and positively impact air quality.

Water Technology Conference - May 8, 2014


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National Geographic Fishman Article

The California Water Institute (CWI) was created to provide education, research and analysis of policy issues involving water resources including water quality issues and integrated regional water management planning.

Maddy Report - The Delta: Fixing California's Water Faucet

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Integrated Regional Water Management Planning


Created in 1980, the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) is internationally recognized as an independent testing laboratory, applied research facility and educational resource.

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Advance Pump Efficiency Program


SPACE Pro™ system design software

Irrigation Technology Seminar Series

Drought Preparedness Workshop Material





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Agricultural Water Use Report


Agricultural Water Use Report Executive Summary


California Agriculture's Role in the Economy and Water Use Characteristics


Recoverable Vs. Irrecoverable
Sprinkler System Used for Frost Protection

San Joaquin Valley Water Plan



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